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Taika - 1950s

History Updates


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Prior to the death of Taika's sister, Robin Oyata had put me in touch with one of Taika's great nephews (Satoshi) still living on Okinawa. I had sent him an email mere weeks before the death of Taika's sister (Tomi) to see if we could get some answers to historical questions. Here are the results.

1. Taika was born in 1930, confirmed by Tomi prior to her death. In the Oriental zodiac Tomi was born in 1925 (Ox) and Seiyu was a Horse in 1930.

2. He was actually born in 1930 on the island of Henza, and then the family moved shortly thereafter to Kitadaito. After WW2, they moved to Okinawa.

3. Taika's oldest brother was named Akio and was killed in action.

4. Taika never studied kakukukai with his father but his brother Akio did. His father, Kana, was a strong and celebrated man in the art. Both Tomi and Akio were good at sports when they were students but Seiyu was not very good at sports as a child. He didn't 'flower' in sports until after the war.


1. Birthdays added as received from Satoshi.

OYATA, KANA 1896 May 14 - 1991 Aug 27       Taika's Father
OYATA, KAME 1889 Jun 09 - 1983 Mar 01       Taika's Mother
OYATA, TOMI 1925 Apr 23 - 2014 Aug 24        Taika's Sister
OYATA, AKIO 1927 Jun 05 - 1945 Jun 17(WW2)        Taika's Brother - Died in the Battle of Okinawa as he was forced by Japanese soldiers to charge the Americans carrying only sharpened bamboo sticks along with many other Okinawans.
OYATA, SEIYU 1930 Oct 19 - 2012 June 18



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