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Essence of Ryute®

The essence of RyuTe® is held in the physical characteristics and concepts that developed from the "old ways" of karate. To develop a clear understanding, the physical aspects of RyuTe® are divided into 3 categories based on Oyata’s 5 levels of training (see below). These categories can be further described by using Japanese terms to better relate to the skill level of the practitioner:

  • Fundamental - "Oboeru" - memorization.  Techniques, kata, and concepts are memorized to perfect form, strength, speed and power.  This is the basis of Ryute® and allows the kata, drills and techniques to be easily passed to the student.

  • Transitional - "Gei" - Skill.  This is the level that most "expert" karate-ka will reach.  It's a level of mastery that requires skill much like that of a master craftsman.  Kata, techniques and drills are combined in a natural flow.

  • High Level - "Jitsu" - Art.  Jitsu is a conscious arrangement of knowledge and intuitive faculties that brings concepts and instinct to realization.  It is the melding of the mind and body in an intuitive and ingenious way such that the techniques have a perceived mind of their own.

Oyata’s 5 levels of training1

The methods to develop the skills necessary for the advancement of Ryute into a true martial art are defined in Oyata’s book – 1RyuTe No Mi. ©-1998

  1. Learn the sequence of the kata correctly.

  2. Practice each movement of the kata, slowly, with full power and concentration.

  3. Practice kata with full speed.

  4. Combine each movement of the kata with realistic timing, to be applicable for protection techniques.

  5. Cultivate detailed protection movements, with accuracy and total body control.

Application of Oyata's 5 level's of training

The 3 categories of RyuTe® are attained by combining the 5 level's of training so that the practitioner develops the life-protection arts in a logical manner, such that the techniques and principles become natural actions.

  • Fundamental: Step by step execution of techniques, kata and drills for the purpose of pattern memorization, form and prescribed speed and power. (Levels 1 and 2) 

  • Transitional: Blending movements into logical sequences to facilitate a more useful combination for techniques. This will become the bare essence of Ryute®. (Levels 3 and 4) 

  • High Level: The real essence of Taika’s art that develops natural reflex actions and abilities. This is the most sophisticated aspect of Ryute®/Oyata Shin Shu Ho®. (Level 5) 

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