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About Taika Oyata

Taika Seiyu Oyata handsOyata, Seiyu, founder and head of RyuTe® Renmei and Oyata Shin Shu Ho Ryu® is responsible for introducing Tuite and Kyusho Jitsu to the United States.  He has opened a page to the past that has given many the opportunity to discover that karate contains much more than mere punching and kicking.

Oyata is a descendent of Zana, Oyakata, a high ranking official of the Shuri Government before the Satsuma invasion Okinawa.  Due to his heritage, Oyata received instruction from a direct descendent of the Okinawan Warrior class, Uhugushuku No-Tan-Mei.  The Uhugushuku family were retainers of the Okinawan Monarchy serving as guardians for the Shuri Kingdom, a relationship dating back before the 14th Century.   Uhugushuku was known as a kakurei bushi "hidden warrior", meaning he did not teach karate publicly, reserving his teachings only to descendents of the warrior class/

Under Uhugushuku's tutelage, Oyata learned the principles of weapons fighting, weapons kata and theory of technique.  Uhugushuku introduced Oyata to Wakinaguri a descendent from the ancient Chinese families sent to Okinawa as emissaries.  Wakinaguri continued to instruct Oyata after the death of Uhugushuku and responsible for his deep understanding of martial arts principles.  After the death Wakinaguri, Oyata trained with Nakamura, Shigeru and other famous Okinawan Martial Arts Instructors

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Taika Seiyu Oyata 1968 trophyUnder Nakamura, Oyata learned the 12 basic kata taught in RyuTe® and he helped to introduce bogu kumite, protective gear sparring in Okinawa.  He served as chief referee for many of the major karate tournaments in Okinawa during the 60's.  In the late '60's, Oyata won a major championship held in Japan.

Taika Seiyu Oyata's Okinawa DojoIn Okinawa, Oyata's dojo was located in Makiminato, Urasoe where many US servicemen trained.  In 1968 his visited the United States for a short period and returned in 1977 where he established his organization in Independence, Mo.

There are RyuTe® dojo located throughout the United States.  Oyata was best known for introducing Tuite and Kyusho Jitsu to the United States and traveled extensively presenting seminars and clinics.  He had written a book, RyuTe no Michi - The Way of Ryukyu Hands (Classical Okinawan karate) .c. 1998 that gives the background for his studies and many insights into his concepts and philosophy.

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